For your calls!

virtual secretariat

Especially nowadays, customers / patients / clients are often very impatient when they say on the phone: “Please wait, … please hold the line, …”. Likewise, a “Please speak after the signal tone, …” often causes the handset to be hung up because you cannot be helped quickly enough. This is where our “virtual secretariat” comes into game. We pick up for you and, with a friendly telephone voice, are the first contact for your customers / patients / clients. If necessary, we can also provide information by telephone or make appointments – tailored to your needs.


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We have the solution!

Does your everyday professional life require you to travel a lot? Do you therefore need a reliable reception for customers or supplier visits, as well as a company headquarters that meets all 8 criteria for a legally recognized location? We can offer these properties and a few more!

We make your appointments!

    • Appointments can be made by us outside of your office / office / consultation hours
    • the technical requirements and access to known software solutions are available
    • Also: Advice on software solutions – ask HERE

We pick up for you!

    • You forward your calls to our phone at the agreed times
    • Our headquarter will pick up under your name during office hours
    • Our staff is trained for common inquiries (inquiries about opening times, prices, …)

We can do more!

You need more? We are able to find a solution!

Rate by agreement. 

* Ask which services are included in the package and convince yourself of our reliability with a free month!