For over 20 years, networx has been offering its customers a great deal of service at a fair price. The concept is as simple as it is successful:

the customers share the costs of the infrastructure, but benefit from full availability.

Secretariat with appointment management

Whether you rent a fixed workstation in a shared office, opt for an individual office, or just need a company address. A friendly and competent bilingual secretariat with individual appointment management is available to you during office hours.

If one of your customers calls your company phone number, after a friendly greeting, our secretary will forward the call to the landline in your office or to your mobile phone.

You determine the rules: Should the secretariat make appointments in defined periods of time, receive messages and / or propose a call from you. You agree with the secretariat when and how it will support you with time management and customer contact. You do your work or go to the seaside, that is also up to you.

If there are additional secretarial tasks in addition to these tasks, such as data entry, paperwork or marketing measures, then you can commission the networx team at fair rates. The team members already know your company and you carry out the additional tasks a few rooms further. This has a significant impact on the quality of the work done.

IT infrastructure

Having the IT technology in-house naturally helps a lot to meet requirements, to ensure uninterrupted supply and, if something happens, to rectify it immediately.

A data network is available for your company. Securely protected by a firewall, you use data servers with back-ups, exchange servers for emails, team coordination and appointment management in the office and on the go.

A redundant high-performance Internet connection secures the connection to the Internet.

The telephone system is also redundant so that you can reach your customers and your customers in the time periods that you define.

In addition to our standards, we are happy to take your other requirements into account.


The networx offices are equipped with electronic access control, a modern alarm system and video surveillance in the reception area and protected rooms prevent unauthorized access.


In the offices, you can expect a complete set of workplace equipment: desk, chair and cupboard for your personal use. You can get started right away.

A common area with kitchen and dining tables awaits you for breaks. But networx office service is even more: How do you feel when you come to the office and a freshly baked cake, fresh apples and always friendly people are waiting for you? How do you think your core business can be best supported? The networx team has been thinking about these questions for over 20 years and is always finding new answers.


The location on the Schmelz is ideal from a motorist’s point of view. There are parking spaces without searching! The proximity to the allotment garden (Auf der Schmelz) ensures fresh air during the lunch break in the surrounding restaurants, the underground (U3) within walking distance helps you to be at Stephansplatz in 10 minutes. The Lugner City around the corner allows everyone to shop independently (e.g. Merkur) with parking (2 hours free) up to 9 p.m. A priceless asset in every entrepreneur’s life

Located on the west axis of Vienna, the Schmelz offers sufficient parking spaces (also for guests, suppliers and customers) as well as a variety of outdoor activities. As a working person, you shouldn’t do without these. The University Sports Center (USI) offers a variety of sports activities on site. The nearby U3 allows you to get to the city center quickly and easily. In addition, the Wiener Stadthalle offers many events throughout the year, an 8-minute walk away.

Consistent. Fair. Profit oriented.

We design our office service according to the networx motto “We think with you”. We are masters of direct communication, the networx Academy has been holding negotiation and communication seminars since 2005, from which the entire networx team and you as the office tenant benefit. We want you to be successful, your business is going well – then we would be happy to talk about your expansion, whether within the Austrian office or in one of the German networx offices.