The next level network

The business network of networx office service customers

Central purchasing from suppliers

Central purchasing for all required office items within your company

Combination of many supplier services under a common umbrella brand (in order to optimize purchasing to the maximum). e.g. insurance or mobile phone tariffs

Reduced benefits for members

Discounts on all possible services for office service Vienna customers only (e.g. a tax consultant for office service Vienna customers could offer a reduced rate for his services, in addition to the fact that he is just around the corner in the house)

Business-relevant seminars and training courses

Networx academy seminars (negotiating as a focus AND “How to talk to others so that you can listen longer and fully develop your skills” as the second seminar focus) take advantage of free of charge or award services from them as sales-supporting “treats” to make deals easier.

networx office tenants can take part in the next level program

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Specifically, next level can provide help, exchange of experience and lower purchase prices for all aspects of:

Tax advice
Company formation
Lawyers (various subject areas)
Repair of washing machines, dishwashers
Auto mechanics (including sports cars of all brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, etc.) of all brands
Delivery services (freight forwarders)
Wine trade
Bank details (leasing, loans, business account framework, and much more)
Insurance (private and business, motor vehicles)
Office services

Headquarters in Germany and abroad
Print types (immediately possible on ALL materials, e.g. apartment door)
Graphics & design
Color advice
Negotiation training & advice
Communication training
Motivational training
Systemic advice (including constellations)
PR support
Tailor-made suits and shirts for men
Job placement (primarily IT jobs)
Cleaning services
Advertising space in Austria
Alarm systems
Car sticker check

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